My Courses

PROG 109 - Web Development

This course introduces fundamental programming and mark-up techniques for the Web. Students design procedures and write computer instructions to solve business related problems with a focus on simple applications and games. Students learn procedural programming, develop user interfaces, and work with events and objects. The class will teach client-side web development fundamentals.

Instructor: Maricel Medina
Credits: 5

Before this class I had basic knowledge of HTML and Java. So far I have learned CSS and Javascript. My prior knowledge made it easy to learn these new concepts since Java and Javascript are very similiar and CSS works together with HTML.

BTS 165 - Business Spreadsheet Analysis & Design

Introduces key concepts to develop and analyze business spreadsheets. Topics include formulas, formatting, logical, financial and lookup functions, charts, pivot tables, data tables, and multiple workbooks. Projects integrate skills to create business spreadsheets that communicate financial and operational performance.

Instructor: Will Blowers
Credits: 5

Prior to this class my experience with Excel was making simple spreadsheets without utilizing shortcuts or the tools provided such as the flood tool. However I did have some experience with formulas. Now I am mastering the use of the tools Excel provides to make advanced, detailed and well-formatted spreadsheets.

BUSIT 103 - SQL Fundamentals

Students learn the fundamentals of database structure and SQL (Structured Query Language). They learn techniques useful for querying databases and they learn to apply their skills in realistic scenarios extracting data and organizing it into meaningful information. Students gain experience with database servers and client tools.

Instructor: Pratima Suneel
Credits: 5

Coming into this class I had no knowledge of SQL. As I previously mentioned, the only languages I learned before were Java and HTML. So far I have learned how to use queries to make, show and modify tables and its contents.

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